Nevada Rifle Classes

Learn the fundamentals of firearms safety and rifle shooting offered by Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training LLC

This is an introductory firearm safety and training course-not a marksmanship class! We recommend this class for those who are new to firearms. Extensive training and in-depth safety principles are stressed including the NRA rules for safe gun handling. The class offers instruction in all facets of rifle ownership including safe gun handling, rifle parts and components, operations, ammunition, range safety rules, shooting from the bench rest position, shooting stances, how to sight-in your scope and more.

Nevada Rifle Classes - Basic Rifle Training

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Complete Rifle Training - Nevada

Rifle 1: Basic Rifle Training

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Nevada Rifle Classes
Nevada Rifle Class
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4 Hours Class Instruction
Live-fire range instruction
Covers your specific rifle
Personalized, individual, one-on-one training by nationally recognized rifle instructors
Designed for first-time rifle owners to learn basic firearm safety and operations.
Learn how to "scope" your rifle for greater accuaracy
Learn how to properly clean and maintain your rifle
Great beginner class for those who are new to rifle shooting
Ideal for Youths and Adults 12 and up (parents must be present under age 15)
Designed for the beginning rifle shooter who has not received formal training in the safe, responsible, and proper handling of a semi-automatic or manual rifle.

Rifle I: Basic Rifle Training

$ 74.95
per student
Rifle Rentals Available!
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Idaho Enhanced Permit Classes
How to escape after getting pushed to the ground.
This class is appropriate for any organization or individual in this day and age concerned about safety at work.
Home Defense
Nevada requirements for getting a license to carry. This includes legal requirements.
Situational awareness Sparks
The training I received was on point, well presented and easy to understand.
Team Building Exercises
Mid and long range accuracy Reno
Our Active Shooter, Workplace Violence Class goes way beyond watching a movie. We teach hands on how to survive tactics that work for anyone.
A live fire test, with the certified instructor, present from a standing position or its equivalent
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Crime Lab at the Crime Scene
Clearing threats from rooms
This course you will teach you how to protect yourself, your family, and your co-workers in an urban environment when a person with a gun opens fire.
We can develop Emergency plans and provide training for locking down and securing your particular facility and coordinating emergency responders
Nevada Conceal Weapon Permit Training Firearms Training
Understanding how to legally use that weapon, how it works and how to carry it.
Join An CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City
We believe that civilians need access to these critical skills since most active shooter events are over before law enforcement arrives.
Strong and support side shooting,Engaging targets while on the move, Proper use of slings Carson City
If you find yourself in threating situations or places, you will want to take this class
In this course you will learn and practice the core skills necessary in dealing effectively with an active shooter.
I feel much safer handling my firearm and feel ready to protect myself.
Securing a location or fighting off an attack. Carson City
Close Quarters Rifle Sparks
State and Federal Laws
The correct response to a threat against one or multiple attackers. Reno
Defensive shooting drills Reno
Proper loading and unloading techniques Sparks
Decision making scenarios Shoot Dont Shoot
Requirements that involve such things as shooting skills, abilities, legal issues, firearms use, and the fundamentals of gun safety. Enrolling in a CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City
Safe storage of firearms at home. This may include different types of storage devices.
Few people who own firearms for personal protection have the skills and decision making ability to deal appropriately with a threat under real-life stress situations.
Women's Shooting Classes Reno, Sparks, Carson City
Communicating within the family and with law enforcement
Engaging targets from various shooting positions Reno
Tactical Response Team Reno
We will teach you how to select the best possible conceal carry weapons and holsters that will work for you as well as a practical caliber for self defense.
Nevada firearms classes provide an ideal learning environment
Different types of Concealed Carry firearms
That is why law enforcement and military special operations personnel all use dry fire as a critical part of their training.
If you are a parent whose daughter is going away to college for the first time, you will want her to take this course.
If you currently have a concealed weapons permit, or are contemplating getting a concealed weapons permit, or you keep a gun for home protection, we highly recommend that you spend time practicing life and death decision making.
Obtaining Nevada CCW permits comes with the responsibility of gun ownership and a complete understanding of safety for yourself and for those around you.
Suppressive fire
Tactical retreat
*   Winter months are October - February and may require separate range day depending on the weather.
**  Classes are non-refundable. We understand life changes and will accommodate up to 2 rescheduled classes.
Overall safety and complete competency when using a handgun is critical for the Nevada CCW.