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Women Only!

  Pistol 1: Basic Pistol Training

This is a


Instruction Class!

Everything you need to meet the Idaho Standard CCW Class!
Ladies: This is about learning how to use your gun; you WILL know how to use it efficiently at the end of this class.
You will also know how to use your husbands gun; it's NOT a mystery. This class will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about operating a PISTOL and/or a SEMI-AUTOMATIC with confidence.
6 Hours Instruction with a female certified pistol instructor
Focus on Pistol Safety & Handling
Basic Range Drills
Exceeds Idaho state and local requirements for the Standard CCW - accepted in ALL counties!
Designed for ladies to learn in a comfortable, safe, small group environment.
$ 99.95
per student
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Special Ladies Only Class -
Pistol I: Basic Pistol Training

It’s Ladies Day!  Leave the guy’s and kids at home! This is an introductory firearms safety and training course in a casual small group environment; not a marksmanship class or tactical course. Taught by a female Certified Firearms Instructor.  In-depth safety principles are stressed including rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts, operations, ammunition, range rules, shooting from various positions. Great for first time gun owners.  This class is even more fun when taken with friends.  Also qualifies student for the Idaho Standard Concealed Carry License.

Students provide 50+ rounds of ammunition and eye/ear protection. Minimum .22mm caliber pistol; firearm rentals are available upon request. 
Women Only!

Idaho Enhanced CCW Class

This is an



Everything you need to meet the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit!
$ 149.95
per student
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Students provide 100+ rounds of ammunition, eye/ear protection, and their personal concealed carry weapon. Minimum .9mm caliber pistol or .38 revolver, and their concealed carry method (if already determined).


Marksmanship Class!
Special Ladies Only Class -
Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class (CCW)

It’s Ladies Day!  Leave the guy’s and kids at home! This is a LADIES ONLY class focused on achieving the proper training, skills, and mindset for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons permit. We suggest you attend the Ladies ONLY Basic Pistol Class prior to attending this course if you have never shot or are unfamiliar with your firearm. This course is extremely focused on the law and the justified use of a firearm - this is not a basic pistol course.

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Idaho Women Only Rifle Classes
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4 Hours Class Instruction
Live-fire range instruction
Covers your specific rifle
Personalized, individual, one-on-one training by nationally recognized rifle instructors
Designed for first-time rifle owners to learn basic firearm safety and operations.
Learn how to "scope" your rifle for greater accuaracy
Learn how to properly clean and maintain your rifle
Great beginner class for those who are new to rifle shooting
Designed for the beginning rifle shooter who has not received formal training in the safe, responsible, and proper handling of a semi-automatic or manual rifle.
Women Only Rifle Class
$ 99.95
per student
Rifle Rentals Available!