Nevada  CCW Legal Instruction Class

If any of your courses require legal instruction, you are required to attend this class once. You will not need to repeat this class for other training or
courses that require legal instruction.
This is an in-depth lecture and classroom style environment which focuses on the many laws that affect gun owners, particuilarly as they apply in
Nevada. Our attorney's specialize in firearm laws whose interest is in keeping students out of trouble-before, during, or after having to protect
themselves with a firearm. If time permits, students are encouraged to ask questions, speaking one-on-one with an attorney, just as if they had made
an appointment at the attorney’s office.
Some of the more interesting topics include a new area of law known as “Gun Trusts”. This topic addresses how to leave your firearms to someone
who is qualified to have possession of them. Too many times a will transfer assets into an estate with no consideration of what those assets are and
if the person receiving them can take possession. This is a thought provoking concept that has many legal ramifications for your loved ones-we
encourage our students to pay particular attention to this very interesting topic.
You can contact the attorney who spoke at your class if you need additional legal advice.
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