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Reno Carry and Concealed Weapons License

Nevada is a "Shall-Issue" state

, meaning, provided you are a law abiding citizen, the sheriff must issue you a

Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons License

. There are certain legal restrictions which the sheriff may deny you a license, but those are legal reasons applied to everyone. Essentially, if you can purchase a firearm, you can get a concealed license. Extensive information is available under our

Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons License

class descriptions.

Nevada is an "open Carry" state

, which means any law abiding citizen who is over 21 years of age, who is not a person who would be denied the ability to purchase a firearm, and who would pass the normal criminal background check for a concealed weapon, can carry a weapon on their person, in public, provided the weapon is clearly visible and can be identified as a firearm.

While you can technically carry in plain sight, it is not advised. Many citizens are afraid of guns, ignorant of their safety features, and are generally ill informed or outright hate the thought a citizen can own and carry a firearm. If you do carry opening in public, be prepared (and fore warned) to be stopped and questioned by local law enforcement. Although you are not breaking any laws, you are potentially antagonizing others who are around you--law enforcement will want to interview you to ensure you are not a criminal, are legally allowed to possess a gun, and that you are not up to a suspicious activity. If you are approached by law enforcement, remember, they are doing their job to protect the public and to ensure public safety. Please cooperate with them--if you're willing to carry openly in public, you must be willing to act responsibly when you are stopped.

Applying for a Nevada Carry and Concealed Weapons License

Common Nevada CCW License Requirements

The Nevada Revised Statutes,

NRS 202.3657

specifically speaks to eligibility for applying for a concealed carry license. In layman's terms (not a legal interpretation of the law. See a Nevada attorney for legal advise), the statutes break down like this:

1. Any person which is a resident of the state may apply for a CCW license.
2. Only one permit shall be listed regardless of the number of handguns the person own. The sheriff cannot request nor maintain a record of the amount of handguns the person owns (e.g.: eliminating a "gun" registration" database.
3. The applicant must:
a) Be 21 years of age.
b) Is not prohibited from owning a gun under state or federal regulations (

NRS 202.360

c) Demonstrates the ability to posses, use, and operate a firearm. This is accomplished by providing a formal certificate of completion in a firearm class which meets the following criteria:
1) Completion of a course approved by the sheriff, or
2) Completes a course offered by a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency, community college, university, or a national organization that certifies instructors in firearm safety (implied: NRA).

>>>Such course must include the use of handguns and the laws of the state relating to the use of handguns. A sheriff MAY NOT APPROVE A COURSE if he deems the class does not meet the standards established by the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association. <<<

NOTE: Level 1 Firearms LLC classes EXCEED these requirements!!!

Can you be denied? YES!

Here are the reasons a sheriff can deny your application. Keep in mind, these are the LEGAL reasons; the sheriff cannot deny you for any other reason (in theory; if you believe you were wrong-fully denied, you'll need an attorney).

4 (a) Has an outstanding warrant for his or her arrest.
(b) Has been judicially  declared incompetent or insane.
(c) Has been voluntarily or involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility anytime in the preceding 5 years.
(d) Has habitially used a controlled substance  anytime within the preceding 5 years (e.g.: DUI) or (

NRS 484C.110

) or

NRS 458.350

(e) Has been convicted of a crime of misdemeanor crime of violence or threat of violence anywhere in the United States within the preceding 3 years.
(f) Has a felony conviction anywhere in the United States.
(g) Has been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, stalking, or is under a current restraining order for domestic violence.
(h) Is currently on parole or probation from a conviction obtained anywhere in the United States.
(i) Is currently or within the preceding 5 years, been subject to an imposing withholding of a felony conviction or has a suspension of a sentence for a felony conviction.
(j) Has made a false statement for the purpose of obtaining a concealed carry permit or for the renewal of a concealed carry permit.
5. The sheriff has received a sworn statement the person has committed a crime or is actively engaged in a crime as described in section 4 (above).
6. The sheriff receives a notice from any court in the United States that a person is charged but not yet convicted of a crime that would normally cause a revocation of their concealed carry permit. If the person is cleared of all charges, the sheriff shall restore their concealed carry privileges.
Now, there may be other reasons not listed above but these are the primary reasons a sheriff may deny an application. As always we suggest you contact a Nevada attorney for any legal assistance and interpretation of the law. The above citations in legal terms can be read by going to Nevada Revised State Statute NRA 202.3657 for legal interpretation.

Nevada Reciprocity Maps

The following map displays the states where the Nevada Concealed Catty License is accepted. Nevada reciprocity can change at any time therefore we strongly suggest you

States in Blue will accept the license.

States in Yellow require the holder be a resident of Idaho
The states in Red do not honor the license
Nevada Reciprocity Map
Reno CCW Permit Classes
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