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Night and Low-Light Shooting Conditions

There are a variety of National Rifle Association (NRA) Courses
and courses offered by Level 1 Safety and Firearms Training
which require shooting in low-light conditions. The purpose is to
experience the muzzle flash first hand and to understand how it
affects your vision.
Because we are training for low-light scenarios, its important
students who attend these advanced classes prepare
themselves with an on the belt flashlight they can draw and use
at a given moment. Use of a flashlight with a firearm can be a
tricky proposition-which is why we train and demonstrate several
options for students to consider.
We have been asked if a mounted gun light is acceptable-the answer is yes, but it should only be used as the last tool of defense. If you’ve pulled your firearm, it’s time to use it, and the flashlight is helpful. Otherwise, you should have a hand-carry flashlight so you’re not compelled to pull your firearm prematurely or as a replacement for a flashlight.
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