Firearm safety begins at home-with the family!

Idaho Family Focused Firearm Training

Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training is

Idaho's Treasure Valley’s

first and original

Family Focused Firearms Instructors in Idaho

specializing in providing safe firearms instruction to the entire family! We have

family classes for children, teenagers, and adults

which are age specific for their learning needs.
We have several classes ranging from beginner to advance and believe the learning experience should involve the entire family. This is especially true if you have young children in the home who are naturally curious about firearms. We suggest children attend formal

NRA training classes

, such as the

NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation

course which introduces students to the concepts of safe firearm handling.
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Family Firearms Classes in Idaho

Our unique, family-based approach allows us to involve the entire family in the safe handling of firearms. Our family-focused classes teach children and teenagers age-appropriate subject topics they can understand and place into practice as soon as they leave the classroom. For children, we teach them to not touch, leave the room, and find an adult. For pre-teens and teenagers, we provide core firearms safety instruction based on the

National Rifle Association


NRA FIRST steps” Orientation

courses. We teach parents the

“NRA Basics”

of Pistol, Rifle, or other appropriate instructional class that benefits them the most. If you are interested in our family classes, contact Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training for additional information at 208-957-6970.

Personal Protection in the Home - At your Home - A Five Day Home Defense Course

The National Rifle Association (NRA) “Basics of Personal Protection in the Home” (PPITH) Course

is designed to teach home owners and their families how to protect their home from an intruder, design escape routed, create safe rooms, safely secure and store firearms, how to clear a room, and much, much more. This is an intermediate level class, oftentimes taught in a classroom environment, and once you leave and go home, most of what you were taught is never put into practice.
We offer an in-depth in-home class which is conducted four days at your home, over 12 hours of highly focused, customized, in the home
protection strategies to safeguard your home. Our in-home class instruction shows how, when, and where you can apply concepts learned
from the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course in real-time. Our instructors work with you and your family to leverage the most
effective results from this class. If you are interested in our family classes, contact Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training for additional
To schedule your next class or Home Safety Inspection
It is not enough for parents and adult family members to understand safe firearms handling practices, it's vitally important children and young adults also understand these rules and to apply them whenever firearms are present. Education begins at the appropriate age level, encouraging young children to never touch a firearm without their parents present. Should children observe an unattended firearm, they should not touch it, they should find an adult, and allow the adult to handle the firearm.

Pre-teens and teenagers should participate in a youth shooting activity that is appropriate to their age group. Whether it's just a simple air gun or BB competition to a small .22 rifle competition, they will learn the importance of safe gun handing and operations. This provides the essential foundation for them to learn skills, practice safety, and graduate to higher caliber firearms as they mature.
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