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Colorado Pistol Class

Pistol I: Basic Pistol Training Class

Pistol II: Shooting with Confidence

Pistol III: Defensive Pistol

Pistol IV: Tactical Pistol

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Entry Level Basic Pistol Training Class focusing on safety, operations, and ammunition.
$ 74.95
per student
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Colorado Basic Pistol Training


Colorado Basic Pistol Training Class

consist of one-on-one, in-person training that teaches the new and beginning student how to safely use, store, and maintain their firearm. These classes are focused entirely on the student AND the gun they own - how to use it for recreational purposes, how to store it when not in use, the correct ammunition to purchase, and how to care for the pistol and how to optimize its performance.

We strongly recommend

those who are new or inexperienced with firearm ownership to attend this class. These classes form the basic, fundamental, essential training and understanding necessary to be responsible gun owners. This is a


training environment where all students attending these classes are treated equally, fairly, and with respect; questions are encouraged during these classes!
Colorado Pistol Classes
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Pistol l:  Basic Pistol Training Class

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Denver Colorado Pistol Classes
Pistol 2:  Shooting With Confidence
Basic Pistol Training Class (Pistol 1) or
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

This class is for those who have taken our Level 1 Pistol 1: Basic Pistol Training Class or who have completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. This is a full day class where students build upon the BASICS of pistol shooting and advance to "Shooting with Confidence" skills. Students who complete this course will shoot more accurately, at farther distances, shoot tighter groups, and will be prepared to take our Pistol 3: Defensive Pistol class.
$ 149.95
per student
Basic Shooting Class!
This class is focused on both the novice as well as the average pistol student. You learned the "basics" from previous classes, now you'll learn how to apply those skills to become a better shooter! The class is primarily divided into two (2) parts: Part 1: A complete, in-depth class focused on the basics of shooting, dry-fire, and sighting your firearm. Part Two (2): Entirely at the range applying the skills you have developed during Part 1 as well as the lessons learned during your basic pistol instruction. Together, you'll shoot more accurately, group better, and be prepared to show off to your friends and to enter competitions. If you're interested in shooting better; this is the class for you.

This class requires students to purchase or provide the following items which is equivalent to purchasing 200 rounds of ammunition. Students will continually use these training tools at home after the class has completed.
Sightmark Pistol Boresight: Available at many gun stores or on Amazon; est. cost is $30.00 +/-.
Laserlyte Training Catridge: Available at select gun stores or on Amazon; est. cost is $90.00 +/-.
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Denver Colorado Defensive Pistol Class
Pistol 3:  Defensive Pistol
Level I Basic Pistol Training Class (Pistol l) or
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Cl

This class is for those who have taken the

Level I-Pistol 1: Basic Pistol Training Class or NRA Pistol Shooting Course, as well as one of the following: Level 1-Pistol 2: Shooting with Confidence and/or a

Colorado Concealed Carry Handgun Class.
Due to safety issues you must have completed and can show proof of completing both classes in order to participate in this course; no exceptions will be extended; proof of completion is required!
$ 74.95
per student
This class is focused on the intermediate, experienced pistol student. You've learned the "basics" from previous classes.  You've learned how to shoot accurately.  Now it's time to learn how to defend yourself during a violent encounter! The class is primarily divided into two (2) parts:

Part 1: A complete, in-depth class focused on how to defend yourself during a life threatening event. Skill development on how to present your firearm, use your firearm, and when to shoot is highly enforced and regulated. Learn defensive options such as "racking" the firearm when you are hurt, changing "magazines" when you are hurt, shooting with your "weak hand", and more.

Part 2: Entirely at the range applying the skills you have developed during

Pistol I: "Basics Pistol Training"

as well as the lessons learned during your secondary course

, and the classroom portion of the Pistol 3 Class

. This class was designed to prepare and

improve your chances for surviving an encounter.


Warning: Due to the nature of this class, it can be a potentially dangerous course! Each and every student is responsible for keeping the class safe.  Students WILL be required  to sign a "liability release" before taking this course. 
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Pistol IV: Tactical Pistol Class

Under Development

Check Back Soon!
•  INDIVIDUAL, hands-on instruction.
•  IMPROVE Sight Alignment.
•  IMPROVE Sight Picture.
•  IMPROVE target Acquisition.
•  IMPROVE your Shooting Skills!
• Designed for the beginning pistol shooter who has not received formal training in the safe, responsible, and proper handling of a semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

Variety of fun and challenging targets.

• Training for Shooting Positions: Students receive training for applying the Isosceles and Weaver positions.

Students receive personal training from our instructors to help improve their shooting skills and target acquisition.

• Class Duration: 5-6 Hours

• Certificate of Achievement.

• Satisfies State Requirement to apply for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.
Part I: In the classroom:
  The importance of firearm safety, practices, and awareness.
  Understanding, studying, and practicing Grip Control.
•  Understanding, studying, and practicing Sight Picture and Sight Alignment.
  Sighting your firearm for Accuracy and Confidence.
•  Choosing a Stance: Choose the correct shooting stance to increase your marksmanship skills.
•  Breathing and Taking a Shot: Practicing the fundamentals of taking your shot.
•  Trigger Control: Understanding and practicing the importance of Trigger Control before you shoot!
•  Follow-though: Understanding the principles of follow-through and how it applies to shooting.
Part II: At the Range
•  Applying firearm safety practices and awareness.
•  Applying Grip Control, adjustments, and improvements - Live Ammunition.
•  Applying Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, and shooting with BOTH eyes open - Live Ammunition.
•  Choosing your correct stance, exercising the stance, and proving this stance fits you best.
•  Shooting accurately, improving your skills, and the bragging rights that come with them!
•  Adjusting Trigger Control for BEST performance - Live Ammunition.
•  Shooting with Confidence: Every Shot is the correct shot using Live Ammunition!
Part I: In the Classroom
•  The importance of firearm safety, practices, and awareness.
•  Drawing from the holster or the safe.
•  Practices designed to improve your accuracy - Timed Dry Fire Exercises.
•  Defensive positions including: Standing, kneeling, sqauting, and prone positions.
•  Assistance Shooting (back-up): Having a second, defensive shooter - Timed Dry Fire Exersices.
•  Force-on-force defensive shooting options - Timed Dry Fire Exercises.
•  If you have been shot: How to rack, change magazines, and continue the fight - Timed Dry Fire Exersices
•  Follow-though: Understanding the principles of follow-through and how it applies to a shooting event
Part II: At the Range
•  Applying firearm safety practices and awareness.
•  Drawing from the holster or the safe exercises will be conducted with
LIVE Ammunition!
•  "Point and Shoot" exercises will be conducted using TIMED exercices with LIVE Ammunition!
•  "Tactical Positions" will be applied using TIMED exercises and positions.
•  Joint, or "backup" exercises will be TIMED with LIVE ammunition.
•  "Force on Force" exercises will be practiced using "training" guns, with a concentration to work with your partner!
•  If you have been shot! TIMED exercises on how to reload, rack, and continue the fight - LIVE Ammunition.
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