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California Training Schedule 2022
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UPDATE MAY 13-22, 2022 - Sacramento, CA -
Classroom TBA

MAY 14-20    Hell Week Instructor Package 

MAY 13    NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting ILT
MAY 14    NRA Basic Instructor Training BIT  RESTRICTED
MAY 15    NRA Pistol Instructor

MAY 16    NRA Personal Protection in the Home PPITH
MAY 17    NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor
MAY 18    NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home PPOTH
MAY 19-20    NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home  Instructor

MAY 21    NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting ILT
MAY 22    NRA Rifle Instructor

California Rifle Classes
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Level 1 Firearms Training LLC
Get 2022 Courses at 2021 Prices!

Limited time offer.  Reserve your seats today.

Attention aspiring Pistol and Concealed Carry Instructors!
Here's your chance to be part of a growing market by providing needed safety training in your community. 

HELL WEEK™  is coming to California!
UPDATE May 14-20, 2022 - Sacramento, CA
BASICS Training    NEW!

Level 1's NEW Bootcamp Package is great for students new to firearms or wantto expand their education to include basic pistol, home defense, and concealed carry concepts.  Education makes for more responsible gun ownership.  ENLIST in a Level 1 Bootcamp near you!

Coming soon to California!

Level 1 now uses the Blowback Laser Trainer™ System in select classes to asses student shooting ability, increase accuracy, and all around enhance the learning experience.  Great tool to develop your skills safely while saving on ammo. 

Level 1 provides civilian firearms training  to groups by request.!  Host  training  at your location or attend one of our convenient Hell Week(tm) Training Events nationwide. Special pricing available for groups of 6 or more.  Call us today!
WOW!  Women Only Workshops™

Level 1"s popular
Women Only Workshops™ offer courses specifically for women, taught by a woman (sorry...no guys allowed!).  Become more confident in Pistol, Rifle, and Concealed Carry concepts.  Additional student development and instructor level classes coming soon!

Level 1 is looking for certified firearms Instructors, Counselors, and Master Trainers across the country to guest teach during Hell Week and Bootcamp  training events.  Together we can make communities safer through education!
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California Women Only Classes
California "Women Only Workshops" WOW Training!
California Train Your Group or Organization!
California Personal Protection Classes
Train Your Group!
California BOOTCAMP™ Student Basics Training Package
California Hell Week
Learn the Basics!
California guest instructors are needed.
Teach A Class!
FREE Information for Responsible Gun Owners
Arm Yourself with Knowledge!
Girls Day Out!

Beginner & Advanced Student

Firearms Training

Limited Offerings.  Courses Fill Fast!

LEVEL 1 Firearms Training Advantage

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC has been providing Beginner & Advanced student training since 2012 and certifying the Next Generation of Firearms Instructors nationally since 2015.  Level 1 sponsored training events bring needed firearms education to selected locations across the country..saving students time & money while providing fun and challenging courses for all experience levels.

Get MORE Out of Your Education!

Level 1 sponsored courses give students the opportunity to learn in an accelerated with knowledgeable certified guest instructors so they can get more out of their education in less time.  Our company works with Sporting Goods Stores, Shooting Ranges, Gun Shops, Conference Facilities, and Certified Instructors to bring training to a location near you.  Courses are objective based going at the student's speed of learning, and utilize total participation principles to enhance the learning experience and keep students engaged. DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS!

Get CERTIFIED California!

Get certified as a firearms instructor by a company that specializes in offering Instructor Certification, Firearms Training, and Concealed Carry Instruction.




HELL WEEK™ is coming to a town near you!  

What is HELL WEEK?   The HELL WEEK™ Training Event is a unique, one-stop accelerated training experience sponsored exclusively by Level 1 Firearms Training!  Students have the opportunity to:





The HELL WEEK™ Instructor Package is a great option for aspiring Pistol and Concealed Carry Instructors.  Level 1 has selected the best courses to better prepare you to teach pistol safety and personal protection concepts in today's market.  Courses are fun, challenging, and offered back-to-back to help you reach your educational goals faster!  


Get even more out of your education by adding-on optional certification bundles such as Rifle, Range Safety, and Shotgun to your package to create the ultimate Hell Week™ experience.  Military/Law Enforcement/First Responder discounts available on the package.


Check out our Calendar page for Level 1 training opportunities near you!


Can You Survive HELL WEEK™?   

Train Your GROUP 

Level 1 sponsors civilian firearms training for local, state, and national organizations, agencies, clubs, gun ranges, security firms, law enforcement, and businesses upon group request.


COME TO US - Send your associates to one of our scheduled training locations and receive discounts for 4 or more students.


HOST A COURSE - Host a training session at your location with 6 or more staff and earn discounted or free classes for your group.  Private and Public training optional.


Contact Level 1 for more information:  208-957-6900 or info@level1firearms.com.

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC

Instructor Certification, CCW Courses, Firearms Training

Home of Hell Week™

Become An Instructor!
California HELL WEEK Instructor Training Events
STUDENTS - See "Student Courses" page for Student Bootcamp Package for the best education value for new gun owners.. 

Check out our Instructor Hell Week Package options for aspiring Pistol and Concealed Carry Instructors.

Hell Week also available:

FEB 11-20    Northlake, TX (N. Dallas area)
FEB 25-MAR 6    Phoenix, AZ
MAR 25-APR 3    Denver, CO
APR 1-10     Fort Lauderdale, FL
APR 22-MAY 1    Tacoma, WA
APR 22-MAY 1    Las Vegas, NV
JUN 4-11    Edgewood, NM (E. Albuquerque area)
AUG 13-19    Meridian, ID (Boise area)
SEP 9-18    Reno, NV
OCT 14-23    Honolulu, HI  (Training in Paradise)
and more....

*See "Calendar" page for additional training options

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