The Business Owner

The Business Owner

Starting and managing a business is a fun and rewarding endeavor. There are day’s where everything falls into place and day’s where everything you do goes wrong – that’s the nature of any business. The most basic question: “How do I make money?” A more complicated question: “Where do I find students?” And the most complicated: “Do I have what it takes to own a business?” Being a good instructor does not necessarily mean you will be a good business owner; these are two different skillsets. Both can be taught, both can be learned; neither are easy.

If you have never owned a small business, you have a large learning curve ahead of you. It’s not insurmountable – many new businesses are started every day – many also fail. Even if you plan to make this a weekend gig to earn some additional cash, you’ll still need to acquire good business skills. You need to follow the same rules, regulations, and requirements other business owners face every day. If you plan to make a living at this you need to be prepared to put in some long hours, make sacrifices, and work at improving your business skills.

As a business owner you re the investor, manager, receptionist, accountant, sales person, credit collector, and janitor. You are the representative that attends Chamber of Commerce meetings, luncheons, civic clubs, trade shows, and other social events. As the publicist you write press releases, manage social media sites, blogs, and other media. As the training coordinator you write the curriculum, schedule classes, and look for ways to improve training. Did we mention you’re also the instructor?

But wait – there’s more! For the low cost of a few hundred hours a year you get to: Create/review your business plan, prepare a budget, review profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash-flow statements, create and update your marketing plan, pay liability insurance, renew licenses, you get to share your success with Uncle Sam!

Do you still want to open a firearms training business? It’s OK if you don’t. It’s a lot of time, money, energy, and hard work; it’s not as easy as it looks and certainly not as glamorous as it sounds. Are we trying to discourage you? Not at all! We just want you to be prepared for what’s ahead. If you’re answer is still “yes”, then welcome to the world of entrepreneurs. If your answer is “no” that’s OK also. If you have honestly determined you don’t have the time, money, or resources to invest in a business, its far better to realized that at this stage than to regret it later. This too is a good thing. Better to have thought your decision through before diving into what lies ahead for those who continue. Good luck with whichever path you chose.

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