Setting Up a Financial Program – Firearms Instructors

Setting Up a Financial Program – Firearms Instructors

This post is about setting up a financial program for a firearm instructor business. It’s not complicated, it’s not a huge challenge. There are many programs out there; we suggest Quick Books 2019 as a platform. Why? Because that’s the LAST version of Quick Books that IS NOT Internet based.

Quick Books, 2020, is totally internet basedit’s sold as a Software As A Solution (SAAS) service. This is NOT good for you.

In other words, Quick Books 2020 wants you to trust them with all your financial information. Your private SSN, your public EIN, your personal information (name, address, phone number), your business address – everything! Is shared on the Internet.

Quick Books promises complete protection to your financial information. However, if they are “Hacked”; if they receive a “subpoena“, they HAVE TOO disclose your information; by law.

Quick Books 2020 is not your friend!

Moving forward, we will continue to use Quick Books 2019, which is stored locally on our hard drives. If our your hard drive fails, you will have access to back-up copies of your files locally or om the Internet, depending on where you save these – this is easily configured.

DON’T FALL PREY to Quick Books 2020! There is no reason for us to share personal information.

QB 2020 is a hoax we don’t need to buy into. If you buy into their program, your information IS AVAILABLE on the Internet – think about this!

Our next article will describe how to use Quick Books to your advantage, without using Quick Books as your enmity.

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