Best Indoor and Outdoor Gun Ranges and Gun Stores

Best Indoor and Outdoor Gun Ranges and Gun Stores

Here is our 2018 list of the Best Indoor and Outdoor Ranges and Gun Stores across the Nation

How did they make the list?

They offer a positive experience for both shooters and instructors.

They are instructor-friendly ranges that “get” we bring them business. In exchange, we get to train in a professional environment – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Keep in mind, no-one on this list has paid to be on the list. These are excellent, hard-working range owners who want to earn your business and for your students to enjoy their range experience.

Ranges are listed in alphabetical order:




  • FRC Indoor Range
    9378 D Choctaw Drive
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    John Hanchey, Manager



New Mexico:


  • Eagle Gun Range
    14400 Midway Road
    Farmers Branch, Texas
    John Traupman, Manager

Have a suggestion for a range?

Contact for a review. If your range meets the list requirements, it will be featured in future announcements.

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