NRA Going “Green”

NRA Going “Green”

The NRA is going “Green”

The National Rifle Association (hereafter “NRA”) is finally producing the shotgun lesson plans as a download. The NRA Shotgun Lesson Plan joins the NRA Pistol Instructor Lesson plan as a digital product. This means less waste in paper, saving trees, and finally taking advantage of technology.

We discovered this when placing an order. We were able to order “student” materials but could not order “instructor” lesson plans. Frustrated, we called the NRA Training Department. As it turns out, they are now produced digitally.

In the past, both student and instructor lesson plans required we order them as a “packet”. The shift to digital products came a few years ago when the pistol lesson plans were made available as a download. Shotgun has now joined the digital world.

This does not mean all is digital. Student handbooks must still be ordered. The student exam is now incorporated as part of a tear-out page in the back of the manual. Certificates of Completion are printed by the instructor.

Changes in Lesson Plans

As Training Counselors, (hereafter TC’s), we don’t need to worry about “old” lesson plans; they are current when we download.

This is an exceptional and notable jump forward into the 20th century. Now,if we could convince the NRA to make student handbooks an e-book, the NRA would truly be green.

Remember to Plan your Courses ahead of time to ensure you have all the required materials. Be prepared to download them as they move into the digital world.

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