Introduction to Firearms Training

Introduction to Firearms Training

The Joy of Teaching

Being a firearm instructor is an exciting and rewarding career. You meet people with a common interest. Help those who have never handled a firearm and contribute to a safer community. It’s the satisfaction you experience when the first-time shooter makes their first shot. Witnessing their initial apprehension and seeing their frown turn to a smile. The personal satisfaction as they become more comfortable and confident using a firearm. It’s the adrenaline rush you receive when the student improves their skills because of the instruction you are providing.

But what is compelling you to become a serious, professional instructor? Is it the deep, earnest desire to help others? Or is it because you’re in it for the money? Did you attend a class with 25 students and think: “Hey, at $75.00 per head that’s $1,875.00 for just this class; I can do that!” Well, if it’s for the money, and that’s your primary driver, you may want to reconsider teaching. It’s not about the money. While that is certainly part of the compensation you’ll receive, the primary goal should be helping others learn a new skill. Successful instructors follow their passion and share their knowledge. They receive both personal and financial rewards when the student completes the course.

A Plan of Action

The purpose of this blog is to assist those who want to open a firearms training business. To share their knowledge with others. We will start from the beginning – how to become a certified firearm instructor. We’ll move into how to start the process of the training business. This is not a substitution for a business plan nor is it a substitution for instructor training.

This is a mid-level guide designed to provide a road-map on where to begin, steps to take, and the challenges you will encounter. It is impossible to delve deeply into all the subjects we will be discussing.  Our intention is to provide you with a high-level overview of what it takes to become a business owner. This will require hard work, dedication, research, and continuing education.

We will cover many important topics, such as:

  • Becoming a firearms instructor,
  • Starting a firearms training business, and
  • Conducting a class professionally

Focus on Business

Notice we will not be addressing the mechanics of firearms and how to shoot. We won’t be rehashing the basics of firearm safety, how to shoot, nor techniques for handling a firearm. There are literally hundreds of books and Internet resources where an instructor can gather this information on your own.

What is missing on the Internet and in book publications is a practical guide on starting your training business. Instructors focus on sharing their knowledge, experience and techniques with their students, not fellow instructors. This is where the information in this blog will fill in those gaps as you begin your journey as a professional instructor.

Finally, this blog will not provide all the answers you may have on becoming an instructor. We don’t believe there will ever be a single source that can cover every topic in its entirety.  It is our goal to provide as close to a single resource as possible. As a business owner, you will be on a constant quest to research, gather and assimilate information.  As your business grows, you will apply and incorporate these skills daily.

Feedback and Suggestions

No one can improve on their product or service without genuine feedback. We welcome new ideas, comments, suggestions, and corrections when they are needed. If you submit an idea that we use, we will be sure to acknowledge your suggestion when they are used in future publications.

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