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So, we have no idea what this “blogging” thing is all about! Our initial thought is to apply lessons we’ve learned from the field and to share those experiences with fellow instructors, students, and all who are interested in improving their firearm skills – we would like to see this site develop as a reference for those who are new to firearms as well as those who are interested in teaching and expanding their knowledge about firearms, their safe usage and the law.

We have set up the “blog” as a “registration/exclusive” site (don’t hold us to that as yet) where those who wish to contribute and comment must go through a registration process. We have reviewed the Word Press registration process and determined an “open” registration process is not in our best interest nor is it in the best interest of our readers. The”registration process” appears to be the best option to avoid “spam” comments and outside advertisements. When you request “access” to the site, we will check student and instructor databases to see if we have interacted with you in the past; we will approve access if we have your name or email address registered. From that point, we will encourage you to comment on posts and help everyone improve their learning process. F.I.T. should be a blogging platform where everyone continues to learn! We encourage deep interaction with students, instructors, and those who are curious on how to “spread the good word” on safe gun handling regardless of their state laws and location.

OPEN DISCUSSION IS ENCOURAGED!!! We may not agree, but that’s the point of the site! Make a persuasive argument on a stance and believe that discussion should be open to all! Consequently, we may or may not agree with your point – and that’s OK! Anyone who disrespects a fellow contributor, who clearly asserts a “political or unacceptable agenda“, will be asked to leave. We need open-minded opinions, true, honest, realistic solutions to an issue and it’s concern or topic; no matter the subject matter.

This is a “learning” site. If you oppose a teaching method, explain why you believe an opinion is correct or incorrect. Comments, such as “That’s not the way I was taught” or “That’s not the way I was taught in the military/law enforcement academy” are not clear and need to be explained; make a strong, solid argument for your stance based on facts; not words or preconceived notions. Citizen’s of the U.S. carry firearms, not weapons. If you believe a citizen owns, posses, and use firearms as weapons, you should find another forum – aggressive use of the word “weaponwill not be tolerated unless it is used as an aggressive reference and not one used as a defensive position by a normal citizen.

With that, we are launching the site, looking towards positive feedback and will allow everyone to voice their opinions.

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