NEWS: David Streb moves from Basic Instructor Classes

NEWS: David Streb moves from Basic Instructor Classes

David M. Streb to Head Level 1 Firearms Training Division

David M. Streb has been promoted into a new role as the lead “Instructor” within the training department. Mr. Streb has personally approved hundreds of Level 1/NRA Firearm instructors. Mr. Streb has interviewed and approved Level 1/NRA Instructors that meet and exceed Level 1 Firearms/NRA training certifications and requirements. The Board of Elections has determined Mr. Streb will head up Level 1/NRA Instructor Training courses effective September 1, 2018.

NRA Requirements

The NRA is concerned with protecting our rights as gun owners. This right is limited to the 2nd Amendment of the United States without consideration to those who should own firearms. We believe we can find a balance. A non-violent Felony conviction over 10 years should not prevent someone from owning a gunif its a NON-VIOLENT offence. Let’s look at Mark Wahlberg, the actor, and the person.

Mark Wahlberg

To deny his right to protect himself based on a past, a NON-VIOLENT Felony conviction appears to be a bit excessive. Mark Wahlberg is an upstanding member of our community.  Mark committed a NON-VIOLENT Felony, paid his dues to society and is still denied the right to  carry a firearm for self protection – he screwed up – he “gets this” and has spent his entire life making up for this mistake.  He is a reformed individual. He has “paid his dues”. Why do we, as a society, strip him from his Constitutional right to own a firearm?

The punishment is clearly not meeting the crime. Mark Wahlberg, like others, deserve a break. Mr. Wahlberg has attributed more good than bad to our society – why do the courts continue to punish him for his past mistakes (as a youth) when he has clearly atoned for those mistakes and have contributed tons of good-will to our community as a whole? There is a time to forgive and forget. Mark Walberg has certainly earned this right.

I use Mark as an example because a “right” is a “right“.

Yes, if you are a violent offender, if you use a firearm during the commission of a crime, if you blatantly disregard the life of another, then yes, pull privileges (oops – rights?). This is not the case with Mark Wahlberg nor thousands of other “Felons” who have turned their lives around. Technically, Mark should not hold a firearm during his movies it’s a violation of his rights – why is he not arrested? Because society knows Mark Wahlberg would not hurt a fly. Law enforcement officials know he would not hurt a fly. And yet, technically, he would be charged with a Felony if he were caught with a gun in his possession (off the movie set).

Level 1 Training

Level 1 Training would not allow Mr. Wahlberg to attend a class…at least from the NRA perspective. Privately, we would have no problem training him as a responsible gun owner. He has the right to protect himself regardless of  past convictions. He has the right to be able to stand up and fight. His 2nd amendment RIGHT cannot be ignored.

While we respect the law of the land, EVERYONE has the right to defend themselves regardless of the weapon of choice. If its a LAWFUL action, its a LAWFUL defense; period. A past NON-VIOLENT Felony conviction should never come into play. If there was no choice, their was no choice; period.

Call to Action

We invite everyone to reconsider the “Felony” exception that is in-place today. If you have to defend yourself, you have to defend yourself. If you are faced with a gun and are restricted to using your fists, its clearly an inappropriate balance of force. The “Felony” process clearly needs to be redefined for NON-VIOLENT Felony convictions.

Do you know how easy it is to commit a Felony?

  • Possess a VALID CCW permit from ANY state honored by New Mexco.
  • Carry two or more concealed firearms on your person in New Mexico (a backup gun) is a Felony! 
  • That’s right, a non-violent offence that’s a Felony.

It gets better, carry two firearms on your person without a concealed carry permit – is a misdemeanor! A misdemeanor!

So, don’t take training, don’t get a license; its a misdemeanor in the state of New Mexico to carry 2 concealed firearms.

Go figure!

You decide.

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