Much of the information on this blog comes from years of teaching experience. Constantly striving for better ways to communicate with our students. Much of our information was gathered through research. Our goal is to improve classes at Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC. We never intended on publishing materials for the general public.

Unfortunately, we failed to make formal notations of where ideas originated; in hindsight this was a mistake. Many ideas come from our fellow instructor peers, book authors, web sites, blog sites, and chat rooms.

As we reviewed these resources, we discovered most instructors provide the same information, albeit, in their own style. It is not the goal of this blog to regurgitate the same ideas over and over again. Our goal is to have a centralized location where all these great ideas come together.

There are many instructors we are sure we have borrowed ideas, adopted them into our program, and then implemented them in some way. We cannot attribute our training program nor our success to any one individual nor can we adequately state where an idea or concept may have originated.

As stated earlier, many ideas are repeated often by different instructors in different ways; all delivering the same message. Because of that reason, we will share as many books, Internet, and blog links as possible in our appendix so you can extend your knowledge as we have over the years.

We would like to say “Thank you” to the firearms training industry as a whole for sharing thoughts, ideas, and techniques.

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