Account resolution needed. Brett McGlothlin, owner of Planet Fitness in Aroura, Colorado is unreachable and does not return calls.

Account resolution needed. Brett McGlothlin, owner of Planet Fitness in Aroura, Colorado is unreachable and does not return calls.


RE: Account resolution needed, Agreement #61280832

To whom this may concern

I’m a little confused why I was sent a new contract (see email below).  I originally signed up online on 1/8/20 (see original agreement above).  I spoke with Manager Brittany about canceling my existing (see latest attached email cancelation).  In addition, the original Black Card membership was a no commitment membership and the new unauthorized membership is a 12 mo. contract.  I did not sign up for a new membership dated 2/26/20  (see unauthorized agreement above) and would not have.  The situation explanation below lead to the membership cancelation and current pursuit of a resolution.

Membership History:

I registered online on 1/8/2020 with Planet Fitness in South Aurora CO on Buckley Rd. and my original payment of 22.99 went through on 1/17/2020.   In February my membership was put on hold because my credit card was lost/stolen while traveling for business and had to be canceled.  I found out about the hold while visiting Albuquerque Planet Fitness and trying to log in to use the gym equipment for the first time.  They could not take payment there and suggested I contact my home gym.  I called and tried to make a payment with the Aurora Buckley Planet Fitness but a staff member told me I had to come in even though I travel year round for work and will not be back in Denver until late July (see business schedule link  I was then told I can change payment online. I asked if they could take off the old card from the account since it was no longer valid.  They said believe they could and either they or the manager would take care of it.  I took their suggestion and went online when I got back to my RV and tried several times over the next couple of days to update my credit card information.  Each times the website said the date for manual payment was not correct so couldn’t process.  So I called the Buckley location back and talking to three additional staff members over about a week who couldn’t help me and the manager was unavailable.  The last time I was informed that the location not longer accepts credit cards and I would have to use a bank account.  So went back on the website and put in a bank account in.  A couple of days later I logged in again and noticed that Buckley Planet Fitness was still charging my old card that I asked to be taken off the account and thought was handled.

After only having an membership since January I now had a list of invalid credit card payment attempts on my Planet Fitness account under billing history.  Just a reminder I had to cancel the credit card due to theft/loss and asked to pay with a different card or even with cash or have my sister in Denver walk in an fix my account on my behalf.  The answer was always that I needed to come in to the Buckley branch personally to resolve it or that the manager could resolve my payment issues so left a message.  It now showed I owed $71.99, and another staff member at the gym couldn’t tell me why and that they would leave a message for the manager.  No call back for days so I kept calling and leaving staff and machine messages.  I finally was able to catch Brittany (manager) and told her the issues I was having.  I pretty much got told I signed a contract and owed the fees for giving them a bad credit card.  No, I did not give the company a bad card when I signed up.  It charged successfully until I had to cancel it for theft/loss.  I explained that I’ve called multiple times to resolve this and give a payment but no one could help.  I explained I would be happy to pay all membership fees but don’t think I should be responsible for late fees since I have been trying for weeks to get this resolved and left multiple messages to her without a call back.  I was again told I signed a contract and that “this conversation is over”.  The call did not end well but she did agree to cancel my account per my request since I had a no commitment contract.  She also informed me I would need to pay my $71.99 balance before I could use Planet Fitness again.  No, she would not accept my reissued credit card nor help me make my payment.  I believe this was on 3/4/20.

I then called Planet Fitness corporate and explained my situation hoping they would listen to the situation and help mediate the issue.  They said the my complaint would be escalated.  3/5 I received 7 auto emails from PF Buckley with a Membership Cancelation Form that lists reason for cancelation is “refuses to pay”.  I’ve done nothing but try and update my payment information and pay.  On 3/6 I received another 4 Membership cancelation emails with the reason “policy violation”.  At this point I am beyond frustrated with the entire situation.   I called corporate again on 3/6.  Again, I was told my issue would be escalated and I would receive a call back.  I told them I didn’t want any additional late fees racking up my balance so would be bringing my account current with my bank account that evening if the system would allow it (it didn’t before).  I told them I guess I would just have to work out the questionable fees when I get a call back.  My payment was finally processed on the Planet Fitness website manually with my banking account for the full $71.99 in fees on 3/6.  On 5/9 I viewed my account and it showed a 0 balance and 0 upcoming payment due.  I figured this was all resolved and I could breathe easy that my membership was finally canceled so I can go to a Planet Fitness along my business route and sign back up at a different location.  I see a cardiologist and exercise was prescribed.  The Planet Fitness black card seems like the perfect solution for someone on the road training in 20 states 11 months of the year like I am.

Then on 3/9 I received another email from Planet Fitness on Buckley.  This time it had a new contract dated 2/26 with a monthly 12 month contract.  Now I’m confused and to be honest quite angry.  My account now shows a payment due 3/17 for 22.99.  I did not agree to a new contract let along a month obligation.  I wouldn’t with all the issues I’ve been having with this location.  I’ve done everything since February when I found out my card was stollen/lost to resolve issues with my account.  I’ve offered to pay cash, have my sister come to my home gym in person on my behalf, offered an alternate credit card, and use a checking account (which is actually inconvenient while on the road and attached to my business).  I called the Buckley location again today 4/10/20 and made a staff member aware of the unauthorized new contract and asked what is going on with my account.  He couldn’t figure it out, confirmed that I do have a new contract on a 12 month contract,  and told me I would have to contact corporate.  So, I called corporate again today.  Corporate said my home gym is a franchise and is responsible for handling contract issues and should be able to fix this.  The corporate customer service rep was also confused why a new contract would be made without my permission and why it would be a 12 month obligation when she looked up that specific location and confirmed they are a “no commitment” gym.  This issue is being escalated as well.

In Summary:

At this point I just want this situation resolved.  I was denied my ability to pay on multiple occasions online and on the phone, given inaccurate information on how to take care of my payments by inexperienced staff, and messages to management by staff and message machine where ignored while my hands were tied and fees added up.  Based on the above information, my account information, and my call log I believe it is more obvious I was not trying to get out of paying my dues, I just wanted someone to help me make my payment.  I’ve made a total of 3 calls to corporate since 3/5 and 7 calls to the Buckley Aurora, CO Planet Fitness since 2/26 (See call log below).  Every time I think it was handled it wasn’t.  I haven’t even had the opportunity to use the workout equipment even once…. literally! (I used the hydromassage once when I first signed up and that was it).   As a customer and business owner I think I have been treated unfairly and charged inappropriately for a month and a half membership with no explanation of the excess charges.  Furthermore, I am insulted by management posting the reason for my membership cancelation request as “refused to pay” or “policy violation” when I’ve tried almost daily to resolve this situation with little help or understanding from the Buckley location staff.  I can honestly say this has not only been a very upsetting experience but the worst customer service I have ever experienced.   My sister, Jaime Manlet, who is also a member and referred me to this particular location, assures me that she has never had an issue with the company and believes this is an issolated incident.  I hope she is right.

If someone in authority could please research this situation and get back with me as soon as possible I would very much appreciate it.

Kindest regards,

Nicki M. Streb
Partner/Education Program Director
Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC
Office:  208-957-6900
Personal cell: 208-957-6970

P.S.  The Planet Fitness contact number on all email correspondence is incorrect.  See most recent email below and those attached.  The number listed is 702-204-2322.  I kept calling and getting a busy signal so did a google search and found that the number is actually 720-204-2322.  Thought you may want to know so corrections can be made for member convenience.

Cell Phone Call Log   208-957-6070

Mar 10    844-880-7180

Mar 10    720-204-2322

Mar 6       844-880-7180

Mar 5       844-880-7180

Mar 5       720-204-2322

Mar 4       720-204-2322

Mar 4       720-204-2322

Mar 3       720-204-2322

Feb 26      720-204-2322

Feb 26      720-204-2322