The Level 1 Story

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC was founded in 2013. The company was formed to provide a high-level of professional training to citizens wanting to apply for conceal carry permits. The company provides exceptional training for Instructors and citizens.

A Full-time Business

David and Nicki were fully vested instructors in the NRA program. They were able to “teach” the most popular NRA courses to “students”. They decided to send David to the next level of training: The NRA “Training Counselor” level. The NRA Counselor program allows David to certify firearm instructors.

The company enjoyed a tremendous growth during the following years. Nicki was teaching “Women Only” classes, David was “certifying” prospective instructors. Together they were teaching the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class. All-in-all, a minimum of 30 students, average $150.00 per student, allowed the business to sustain and flourish, pay bills, and maintain a relatively “normal” lifestyle.

The Need for Change

On July 16, 2016, Idaho went to “permitless carry”, meaning, any Idaho “resident” can carry without a concealed carry permit. The market for concealed carry permit training plummeted. What was once a 30-student class fell to a 5-student class. Income to pay expenses was not sufficient; it was time for a change.

In June of 2017, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC shifted from a “local” firearms training company to a “National” training company. The shift in training meant Level 1 Firearms Training LLC would teach inspiring instructors “How to Teach” concealed carry classes on a National level based on their state requirements. David and Nicki left Idaho for a National tour across the U.S.; training instructors to teach local CCW classes.

Hell Week™ is Born

The current training regiment is fondly referred to as Hell Week™, a week-long training process focused on Conceal Carry Instructor training. This provides a value to the courses students attend. Instead of having to wait months, and in some instances, years. The core certification program includes many of the NRA Instructor courses. This allows the certified instructors to also teach on a National basis. Credentials received by Level 1 Firearms Training LLC allows students to qualify to teach concealed carry classes in all 50 states. This allows students the freedom to live where they choose. The amount of financial freedom they earn is up to them.

The Future

The future looks bright for Level 1 Firearms Training LLC. A new lesson is being developed to help instructors succeed even further. By sharing ideas, working with fellow instructors, and learning from one another, the company’s internal support system helps everyone. The Level 1 Firearms Instructor Network allows for alumni to stay in touch with one another. Because it is a national network of instructors, they exchange ideas of what works in their locale. The ability to collaborate among one another encourages instructors to come up with new ideas and share them with others.

Find out more about Hell Week™  and our Conceal Carry Instructor Training by visiting our web site at https://www.level1firearms.com/


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