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Updated  1/3/2021

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RE: Corona Virus Restrictions




Attention Students:


Level 1 is taking the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and your safety is our first priority.  Because of the uncertaintly surrounding the virus, nationwide "stay-in-place" orders, and non-essential meeting restrictions, please be patient with us as we strive to accommodate these new safety guidelines. 


We understand there is still a demand for basic safety training.  Level 1 has released Online Learning courses for pistol, rifle, and concealed carry to fill this need .  These courses can be done completely from home for personal knowledge or expanded to include in-person shooting lessons when available for added skill value, certification, or license.  See our "Online Learning" tab for additional information.


Please see important information below  on how the coronavirus is affecting student classes and what Level 1 is doing to keep us all safe.


Note that in person courses may need to be rescheduled due to the crisis if warranted.  In these cases,  Level 1 will make every effort to reschedule these training events as soon as government restrictions are lifted. 


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during these trying times.  We are all in this together and want everyone to stay safe and healthy. 


Kindest regards,


Management Team

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC










Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC has been providing firearm  education to the public since 2012.  Our mission has always been to educate and development more responsible gun owners and trainers.  Our business is open.  We will continue this mission by providing courses within safety guidelines now and will continue training in communities across our country well after this crisis is over. 






Level 1 takes your health and safety very seriously and is making every effort to accommodate current Covid-19 guidelines.


On March 16, 2020 the President of the United States recommended limiting groups to 10 or less to minimize corona virus transmission. 


A six foot rule has also been adopted to keep people at more than arms length from eachother. 


The government also recomments schooling from home to limit exposure. 


On April 2, 2020 the CDC recommended that all individuals where a mask and gloves while in public to prevent virus transmission 


"Non-Essential" Business Restrictions.


Government Guideline Extensions may happen. 

As seen this month, citizens were asked to stay at home 15 days to limit exposure to the Coronavirus and then recently 30 days.  No one knows when this crisis will be over.  Level 1 will do its best to keep on top of schedule announcements and accomodations for the benefit of our students. 



Our student's health and safety if our priority.  Students that show any illness symptoms and/or fever are prohibited from attending courses and must notify Level 1 as soon as possible. Level 1 has the right and responsibility to ask students showing symptoms to leave the class for the savety of all students.  Level 1 encourages students to use hand sanitizer each time they enter the classroom.  Level 1 asks that masks be kept on until students have been seated.  All students shall sign a waiver acknowledging that they understand they are taking courses at will and take full responsibility for their own health.







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