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Concealed Carry Permit Class

Our Washington Concealed Carry Class

exceeds the State's requirements for carrying concealed. While other instructors teach the minimum requirements, we teach advanced concepts, how to avoid a gunfight, and more imprtantly, how to defend yourself during the aftermath of a shooting. oue pro-active defensive position will keep you out of jail and completely justified should you have to defend yourself.
Our instructors have been trained and certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) -- The industry leader in advanced firearms safety and class training. Many of our instructors go on to additional training opportunities advancing their skill set and passing that knowledge on to our students.


NRA Pistol Instructor Class Coming to
Spokane, Washington!

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is Washington's first and foremost team of Family Focused Firearm Instructors specializing in providing safe firearm instruction to the entire family. We have been conducting classes for children, teenagers, and adults that improve firearms safety.
CCW Class
Washington's # 1 Firearm Instructors
Level 1 Firearms Concealed Carry Weapons Class

Level 1 Firearms Training offers classes for the
Washington Concealed Cary Weapons License which
EXCEEDS state requirements!

We are conveniently located in Spokane, Washington,
which gives us a strategic advantage for those who want to
apply and receive a Washington Concealed Carry License

Certified NRA Instructors and Certified Washington CCW
Washington Concealed Carry Permit Class
Join the popular trend taking over the country! The AR-15 rifle platform.  Did you know the "AR" in AR-15 does not stand for "assault" or "automatic" rifle? That's right!  "AR" stands for "Armalite"; the original manufacturer of the "AR" platform.

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC offers a variety of training courses from novice to expert.

Have fun! Learn a new skill! Become part of this popular and exciting revolution in rifle ownership!
Wasington AR-15 Rifle Classes
Washington AR-15 Rifle Class

Coming soon!

Call today as classes fill up fast!

Idaho Enhanced Permit Classes

Washington Reciprocity Map
NRA Certified Instructor Classes

Here's your chance to become a Certified NRA and CCW instructor!

Taught by nationally recognized NRA Training Counselor and author of the popular book
"How to Become a Professional Firearms Instructor: A Business Guide to Success".
Washington Instructor Concealed Carry Training Class
Washington Defensive Pistol Class Schedule Available!
Are you "tired" of  "basic" pistol Instruction courses?

The Washington Defensive Pistol Class builds on your basic skills and pushes them to a new level. Learn how to recover under a variety of attacks, learn new defensive skills including weak side draw, weak side rack, and weak side recovery when in a fight.

This class is designed to teach students the options they have when they involved in a gun fight.
Washington Defensive Pistol Class


Washington Firearms Education
Looking for more information?  Our education section is focused on providing specific information related to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, and more.
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Firearms classes taught by a female instructor!

Ladies - Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Special "women-only" classes taught by a FEMALE Certified Firearms Instructor who understands the special needs of women who are new to firearms or have limited experience.   Great classes to take with friends.  Leave the guys & kids at home and enjoy a special "Girls Day Out"! 

Women's Classes Available:
Pistol, Rifle, and Concealed Carry.

*Women's AR-15 & Shotgun classes starting soon!
Washington Enhanced Permit Reciprocity Maps are now available! View Washington Reciprocity maps side-by-side to determine which CCW license is best you. We believe this is the final tally as all states have responded related to reciprocity.

Washington Reciprocity Maps

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Washington Concealed Carry Class
Washington Women Only Pistol Class
Washington Defensive Pistol Class
teaches advanced students techniques they cannot learn anywhere else in Washington. This class is for serious students who have achieved advanced pistol certifications.

Defensive Pistol Training

Washington Defensive and Tactical Pistol Class

Washington AR-15 Rifle Class
Exclusively for AR-15 Owners

Washington AR-15 Rifle Class
Level 1 Firearms Training LLC offers AR-15 rifle classes to everyone regardless of their skill level. Whether you are new to the AR-15 platform or want advanced urban & tactical training, we have a course that is sure to increase your skill level and shooting capabilities.

Beginner classes introduce you to basic understanding of AR-15 ownership: how to use your AR-15 safely, effectively, and responsibly.

Our intermediate & advanced classes build on what you learned during basic AR-15 training, and introduces additional techniques to improve your self-defense & marksman skills.

Washington AR-15 Rifle Class

Women Only Classes

Level 1 Firearms Concealed Carry Weapons Class

Level 1 Firearms LLC