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Texas Concealed Carry Weapons CCW Class
Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

Texas License to Carry Permit Class

Texas License to
Carry Permit Class

We offer the Texas License to Carry Permit Class. Our lesson plan exceeds the state of Texas requirements and is known as:

The Best Training Curriculum in the state of Texas!

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Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is Texas' foremost team of Family Focused Instructors specializing in providing safe firearm instruction to the entire family. We have been conducting classes for children, teenagers, and adults that improve firearms safety.
Texas's # 1 Firearm Instructors
Texas Family Gun Safety Class
Texas Concealed Carry

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC offers classes
for the Texas Concealed Cary License which
EXCEEDS state requirements!

We have instructors that are conveniently located
in Nashville, serving surrounding communities. 

Certified NRA Instructors and Certified Texas
License to Carry Instructors.
Texas CCW Class
Join the popular trend taking over the country! The AR-15 rifle platform.  Did you know the "AR" in AR-15 does not stand for "assault" or "automatic" rifle? That's right!  "AR" stands for "Armalite"; the original manufacturer of the "AR" platform.

Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC offers a variety of training courses from novice to expert.

Have fun! Learn a new skill! Become part of this popular and exciting revolution in rifle ownership!
Texas AR-15 Rifle Classes
Texas AR-15 Rifle Class
It's lady's day!  Level 1 offers Women Only classes in pistol, rifle, and CCW.  Tennessee classes are done in a casual, fear free environment with a female certified instructor.  Learn safe gun handling, maintenance, shooting, and lady specific concealed carry concepts. 

Great class to take with friends!

Sign-up today!  Classes fill up fast!

Idaho Enhanced Permit Classes

Women Only Classes Available
Texas Women Only Pistol, Rifle, CCW
NRA Certified Instructor Classes

Here's your chance to become a Certified NRA and Texas CCW/LTC instructor!

Taught by nationally recognized by the NRA Training Department and author of the popular book
"How to Become a Professional Firearms Instructor: A Business Guide to Success".
Texas Instructor Hell Week Series
Pistol 2: Shooting with Confidence
now available in Texas!
Are you "tired" of "basic" pistol Instruction courses?

Our Texas Pistol 2: Shooting with Confidence Class builds on your basic skills and pushes them to a new level. Students see an average 50% increase in shooting accuracy the same day!

Classes fill fast!  Sign up today.
Texas Tactical Pistol Class

Become a Texas CCW/LTC -
NRA Firearm Instructor
Texas Instructor Hell Week Series
Can You Survive Hell Week?
The Level 1
Hell Week
Program was designed as an accelerated way for students to earn their main NRA instructor certifications in one convenient week; saving time & money.  This gets new instructors teaching multiple disciplines faster.  Take one class to fill in your existing NRA credentials or chose a block of courses that open up additional income oportunities.  All instructor classes are taught by an official NRA Training Counselor, and certifications are national recognized.

Click on the
"Become an Instructor"
tab above for more information about Level 1's popular
Hell Week Option
Save over 10%
off your education.

Texas Women Only
Classes Available

Texas Women Only CCW Class
Firearms classes taught by a female instructor!

Ladies - Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Special "women-only" classes taught by a FEMALE Certified Firearms Instructor who understands the special needs of women who are new to firearms or have limited experience.   Great classes to take with friends.  Leave the guys & kids at home and enjoy a special "Girls Day Out"! 

Women's Classes Available:
Pistol, Rifle, and Enhanced Concealed Carry.

*Women's AR-15 & Shotgun classes starting soon!
Defensive Pistol Class
Texas Defensive and Tactical Pistol Class
Are you interested in taking your training to the next level? Join us in improving your shooting, defending yourself more effectively, and learn advanced techniques not taught anywhere else in this state. This class is for serious students who want to increase to advanced skills.
Defensive Pistol Class

Texas AR-15 Rifle Class
Exclusively for AR-15 Owners

Texas AR-15 Rifle Class
AR-15 Rifle Class
Level 1 Firearms Training LLC offers AR-15 rifle classes to everyone regardless of their skill level. Whether you are new to the AR-15 platform or want advanced urban & tactical training, we have a course that is sure to increase your skill level and shooting capabilities.

Texas Firearms Education
Looking for more information?

Our education section is focused on providing specific information related to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, and more.

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Teach the NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses according to the lesson plans and standards of the National Rifle Association. It is not designed to prepare you to teach other firearm training courses, nor to prepare you to develop firearms training courses on your own. https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
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To attend an instructor class you must have also attended the student portion of the class they wish to become an instructor. The instructor candidate must demonstrate proficiency and knowledge before attending an instructor class. Instructor candidates must obtained a 90%+ on the student test and the instructor testhttps://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
The goal of this program is to develop instructors to teach NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses according to the lesson plans and training standards of the National Rifle Association. https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
This course will help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to organize and teach firearms courses. Participants will learn to diagnose and correct student weaknesses, analyze and score targets, design and run courses of fire. Develop and implement comprehensive firearms training programs.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
The NRA Home Firearm Safety Course is a two day course that covers most firearms and is one of the few NRA courses that require no shooting.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
Days 2 and 3 are the discipline-specific days, and will begin with the Pre-Course Qualification described. The course length will vary according to discipline (Rifle is 10 hours, Pistol is 11 hours, Shotgun is 11 hours, and Home Firearms Safety is 5 hours listed hours are minimums and may be exceeded, if necessary).https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
San Antonio Texas CCW Instructor Classhttp://level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
Please remember NRA Instructor Courses are performance based courses, Instructor Candidates must possess the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for this level of training. You do not pay and automatically pass Instructor training. You pay to have the opportunity to pass.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the specific class may be removed from training. Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
NRA Assistant Instructors are individuals 18 years of age or older who assist certified instructors to gain the knowledge and experience needed to become certified instructors. Assistant instructors must complete the same instructor level course. The Assistant Instructor ratings are available in six disciplines.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
During the NRA Instructor Training Course, you will receive from your Training Counselor the NRA Trainers Guide, the appropriate NRA Instructor Candidate Packet which includes the course outlines and lesson plans for the disciplines you wish to teach, the appropriate NRA basic course student packet which includes the handbook, certificates, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure and other materials used in NRA basic courses.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php
We hold our instructors to the absolute highest standard and we teach to the absolute highest standard. Level 1 Firearm Instructors want to ensure all attendees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet course standards. Qualification standards allow is to quickly assess their abilities in order to prepare them for the next level of training.https://www.level1firearms.com/tx/texas_nra_instructor_classes.php