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Tactical Pistol Training in Oklahoma

The ultimate Idaho Shooting Challenge Event! Students who enter qualify for a dinner for two at a popular restaurant (depends on certificate). Come have some fun, a free dinner, and a rewarding experience!
Defensive Pistol Training Course
This is an "Expert" challenge course. Focus during this challenge is on defending yourself under a variety of conditions. We incorporate everything the student has learned from previous classes and push them to even higher extremes! This class is for the BEST students we have trained!
$ 199.95
per student
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ADVANCED Defensive Pistol Skills Training!
Holster Drills  - Strong and Weak Sides
Two Handed Drills
One Handed Drills - Strong and Weak Sides
Pivot 90 and 180 Degrees
Shoot while Stepping
Shoot while Running
Shoot from Prone Position
Shoot from Cover
Shoot from Close Quarters
500+ Rounds of Ammunition
Montana Pistol Class
Choose Date
Shoot Moving Forward
Shoot Moving Backwards
Shoot Moving Multiple Directions
Clearing Stoppages - 1 Handed
Target Shooting - Scored
Multiple Targets
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