Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule your next class or Home Safety Inspection
Our training meets and oftentimes exceeds state standards and requirements..
Our classes include vital information for the safe usage and storage of a firearm.
Our standard CCW class covers all the requirements you need for Arizona, Florida, Oregon, Wyoming, and Virginia.
We have many students who come from Oregon to get dual-certified; the process is extremely easy. Once they complete our class they return home and apply for their Oregon concealed handgun license. When they receive their license, they can immediately apply for a non-resident Nevada or Idaho Concealed Carry Weapons permit which extends their coverage throughout most of the U.S.
The Idaho Concealed Weapons License requires students to attend the class in person, in Idaho, receive legal instruction from an attorney, and fire 100 rounds of ammunition in the presence of an instructor. A non-resident Idaho Enhanced CCW allows for Washington State Concealed Carry as well as 5 additional states over the Nevada CCW Permit.
The Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons License requires students to attend the class in person, in Nevada. The class is 8 hours long and live range-fire of 25 or more rounds is required.
Advanced firearms instruction is included, training the student in developing the proper defensive mindset, awareness, concepts of cover and concealment, and how to avoid confrontations.
You may use this site to register for any of the CCW classes, NRA classes, or advanced shooting classes we offer by choosing the appropriate tab at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions -
Nevada Firearms Training
Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons License

Frequently Asked Questions -
Nevada Gun Safety and Educational

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Level 1 Firearms Training
We will explain the color code of situational and tactical awareness which is key to keeping aware of your surroundings.
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Carry and Concealed Weapons License for Reno Nevada
Woman firearms instructor teaching the Certification Course for Multi-State CCW/CFP Permits
Home and Urban Defense
A live fire test, with the certified instructor, present from a standing position or its equivalent
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CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas for residents who desire professional instruction with a firearms training program that goes beyond many of the minimum requirements.
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That is why law enforcement and military special operations personnel all use dry fire as a critical part of their training.
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Dos and donts of moving from room-to-room through a structure
We also offer one-on-one block training with instruction for about an hour at a time. Well actually work with you and your firearm to ensure you have a better understanding of your firearm and what you do in your own personal defense.
Multi-Stage Self-Defense Protecting yourself in parking lots, cars and scary places.
Learn everything from simple aiming to drawing and firing from concealment.
Prosecutors at the Crime Scene
Legal instruction including Justifiable Force, Citizens Arrest, Reciprocity, Firearm transport, etc
Nevada NRA | CCW Instructor Classes
Clearing threats from rooms
Nevada requirements for getting a license to carry. This includes legal requirements.
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Our Active Shooter, Workplace Violence Class goes way beyond watching a movie. We teach hands on how to survive tactics that work for anyone.
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CCW Class Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Las Vegas.
The use of a rifle in short-range environments from 25 to 50 yards Sparks
Training Students can use our rentals and loaner holsters in our classes
Dealing with the psychological effects Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a shooting
If you are a parent whose daughter is going away to college for the first time, you will want her to take this course.
Obtaining Nevada CCW permits comes with the responsibility of gun ownership and a complete understanding of safety for yourself and for those around you.
Do you have a scope that you can't seem to sight in? Need a new trigger installed? Got a casing jammed?
We are a community and welcome all responsible gun owners, and all those who desire to be.
The license enables you to carry a concealed weapon in 40 states, whereas the basic license only allows you to carry in 27 states.
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Bank Employee Hold-up, Robbery, Hostage Training
Nevada Gun FAQs
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