Colorado Firearms Education

This section of our web site offers basic firearm education; it is not meant to be, nor is it, a
firearms course. Students and interested persons who are researching firearm safety and
“Best Practices” will find the information in this section they are seeking--keep in mind,
section is not a substitution for a firearms course!
If you have a question or want to see a
subject specifically addressed, please email us at

Essential Safety Practices and Responsibilities

Basics of Firearm Safety

Rules for Using a Gun

Safe Storage of a Firearm

Firearm Basics

Common Pistol Information

Revolver Components and Operations

Operating Single and Double-Action Revolvers

Semi-Automatic Pistol Components and Operations

Operating Single and Double-Action Revolvers

About Ammunition

Cleaning your Pistol or Revolver

Federal Gun Laws, Self-Defense, Stand your Ground, Castle

Defense, and other Colorado Gun Laws

Federal Gun Laws and Acts

Colorado Gun Laws

Use of Deadly Force in Colorado

Carrying Concealed in Colorado

The Defensive Mindset

The Four Stages of Mental Awareness

Avoiding Confrontations

Responding to an attack

Non-Lethal Self Defense Options

Cover and Concealment

Basic Pistol Shooting Skills

Fundamentals of Shooting a Pistol

Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting Stances

Common Pistol Stoppages

Using Your Firearm for Self-Defense

When you must Shoot

After a Shooting Occurs


This section of our education series addresses commonly debated positions or

misunderstood topics related to gun ownership. 

WARNING: These are very pro-gun, second-amendment opinions related to every

citizens right to carry and protect themselves with a firearm.

If an unarmed citizen feels safer waiting for the police to arrive, as their children,

family, and self are under attack, brutally raped or murdered--we honor and respect

their position.

By the same standard, if an armed citizen chooses to include a firearm as part of their

personal self-defense plan, we ask you respect their opinion as well.

Why Carry a Handgun?

Where can you Carry Concealed?

"No Guns Allowed" Signs

The 21 Foot Rule

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