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Colorado NRA Instructor Courses
Our Colorado NRA Instructor Courses provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to teach NRA Certified Courses.

The Colorado NRA Instructor Courses include many instructor disciplines. Each discipline provides detailed instruction on how to help your students develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to enjoy their new found sport activity
Colorado NRA Instructor Courses
Pre-Course Assessments
Instructor Candidates must have a solid background and a deep understanding of how firearms work. Instructor Candidates must demonstrate this knowledge by taking a pre-course written and firearm handling practical exercise. During the examination, the Instructor Candidate must demonstrate safe firearm handling skills, clearing stoppages and malfunctions. Each discipline has its own pre-qualifying test focused on that specialty.
Basic Instructor Training Course (a.k.a BIT)
The BIT course teaches Instructor Candidates how to teach NRA Certified Courses. The NRA methodology combines lectures with practical exercises that enhance the instructors ability to teach new students. Topics on public speaking, how to demonstrate loading, cocking, decocking, and unloading specific firearms. Advanced learning concepts are introduced during this course. Concepts such as using TPI -"Total Participant Involvement" and "Learn by Doing" are stressed throughout the training. Upon completing this basic course, Instructor Candidates then attend the instructor course for the discipline they intend to teach.
NRA Instructor Disciplines
NRA Instructor disciplines consist of the following:

• Pistol
• Rifle
• Shotgun
• Personal Protection in the Home
• Personal Protection Outside the Home
• Range Safety Officers
• More...
NRA Instructor Ratings
The NRA Instructor Ratings are available at three levels:
Apprentice Instructors - Ages 13-17
Apprentice instructors are young youths who often assist their parents during youth shooting activities, such as the Boys Scouts. They are held to the same standards as adults - they must pass the BIT and chosen instructor discipline to become certified.
Assistant Instructors - Ages 18-20
Assistant instructors are Apprentice Instructors who have turned 18 and wish to continue teaching firearm instruction. They are also  young adults who want to work under an experienced instructor hoping some day to start their own business. Assistant Instructors must also pass the BIT and the chosen instructor discipline they teach.
NRA Certified Instructors - Age 21+
NRA Certified Instructors are 21 years of age who wish to instruct NRA courses on their own as the lead instructor or as a team member. Certified Instructors conduct and organizes courses, train individual students, and administer tests and shooting qualifications. Certified Instructors go on to teach advanced courses in concealed carry and defensive shooting courses.
Additional Information and Class Times
Thornton Colorado PPITH Instructor Course
Colorado Pistol Class
You will also be asked to complete an instructor certification examination. A minimum score of 90 percent is required for certified instructor applicants (85 percent for assistant and apprentice instructor applicants). However, attendance at the course, or a passing grade on the examination, does not guarantee that you will receive the recommendation of the NRA Training Counselor.
Students will learn discipline specific instructional methods for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and other personal protection teaching methods while evaluating and improving the performance of beginning shooters.
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A gun handling drill demonstrate safe loading and unloading of the firearms for your discipline Rifle includes 4 action types bolt, semi-auto, lever action, and slide action. Shotgun includes 4 action types bolt, break, pump, and semi-auto Pistol includes single action revolver, double-action revolver, and semi-auto pistol.
Colorado Mantis Training Certification
Flash Point Precision Training is designed to provide newly assigned firearms instructors with a familiarization of a variety of firearms. The program also introduces the new instructors to teaching techniques as well as identifying and resolving shooting problems/errors.
The NRA Personal Protection Instructor Course aka NRA PPITH Instructor Course teaches students how to make their home a safer place to live. By dividing their home and its surrounding into specific security zones, evaluating their home for a potential break-in, how to use their gun for self-defense, firearms and the Law.
All courses include the required NRA documentation, instructor guides, student packets, instruction and follow up support. You will receive everything needed to first take and then teach each course. Note: There will be processing fees payable to the NRA due upon the completion of class. Fee's are determined by how many and which courses you attend.
Fort Collins Colorado NRA Basics of Shotgun Instructor Shooting Course
Most instructor courses are discipline specific. During training students will learn about policies and procedures; improve public speaking skills; training methodologies; work in teams; learn about training aids; organize a course, prepare a budget; and learn how to instruct in a helpful and meaningful manner.
The Flash Point Precision Training Instructor Program will be led by the Level 1 Firearms Development Team, which includes Level 1 Firearms Instructors certified to teach the Flash Point Precision methodologies.
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