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Arizona Personal Protection in the Home Class

Learn the basics of personal home defense by attending this very popular class. Learn about safe firearm handling, securing your home from intruders, developing a proper defensive mindset and becoming more aware of your surroundings.
Arizona's Best Firearms Instructors! Our instructors have been trained and certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) -- The industry leader in advanced firearms safety and class training. Many of our instructors go on to additional training opportunities advancing their skill set and passing that knowledge on to our students.


Arizona's # 1 Firearm Instructors
Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is Arizona's best and foremost team of Family Focused Firearm Instructors specializing in providing safe firearm instruction to the entire family. We have been conducting classes for children, teenagers, and adults that improve firearms safety for years.
Arizona CCW Class
Arizona NRA Certified Instructor Classes

Here's your chance to become a
Arizona Certified NRA instructor!
Taught by nationally recognized NRA Training Counselor and author of the popular book:
"How to Become a Professional Firearms Instructor: A Business Guide to Success".
Arizons CCW Instructor Class
Arizona Defensive Pistol Classes Available!
Are you "tired" of  "basic" pistol Instruction courses?

Arizona Defensive Pistol Class builds on your basic skills and pushes them to a new level. Learn how to recover under a variety of attacks, including weak side draw, weak side rack, and weak side recovery when in a fight.

This class is designed to teach students the options they have when they have been injured in a gun fight.
Arizona Defensive Pistol Class

NRA Qualification

Winchester NRA Qualification Challenge
Arizona's Winchester/NRA Qualification Program: 
Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training is proud to conduct official Winchester/NRA Qualification events. Compete against others on a national level at your own pace.
Looking for additional information? Our education section is focused on providing specific information related to firearms, safety, responsibility, and general topics such as ammunition, shooting skills, improving your aim, and more.
Become a NRA Instructor

In as little as three days you can learn how to teach firearm safety to others! Open your own business and teach others how to be  safe with their families while protecting their loved ones. Lots of opportunities exist in the personal protection arena - why not take advantage of this growing market?
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Basic Pistol Training Class

Ladies - Enjoy the company of other women while learning how to safely use a firearm. Special "women-only" classes taught by a FEMALE Certified Firearms Instructor who understands the special needs of women who have never shot or carried a pistol. Leave the boy's at home for the day and enjoy a special day for yourself - it's "his day" to watch the kids!

Women Only Classes


Become a NRA Instructor

Class Arizona Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map
View the Arizona Concealed Carry Reciprocity map to determine which CCW license is best you. We believe this is the final tally as all states have responded related to reciprocity.

Reciprocity Map

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